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Thursday, June 19, 2008

First contact

After a few technical hitches on our side and some technical hitches with the tracking setup of the organisers, we've had our first official contact with our blanket obsessed, santa cruz riding, international man of mystery.

After surviving day 2 which was purported to have been muddier than an uzbeki all women’s wrestling match. We recieved a somewhat hurried phonecall this afternoon at 3, stevie was busy trying to make a call as to whether or not he should double up today, pushing through the check point, collecting his icecream tub full of sweeties and riding into the night to finish a stage ahead. Risky tactics but he sounded far too chipper after 140km today. Which leads me to believe one thing and one thing only. He's been sitting slipstreaming someones tail all day. Damn slacker. Word out is that Tim James, last years runner up pulled a sneaky double yesterday to catch up to Steve after starting a day behind. They're now riding together, although the words used where 'this guys platt, he's just slowing me down'. You tell 'em stevie, you tell 'em.

Brandishing the number 35, with vehement disregard for the racing ahead of him, Stevie's nothing but smack talk. We expect nothing less.

Pictures and more to follow tomorrow.

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