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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Yskoud innie karooo

The next engagement is a little bit crazy, but I'm only a spectator so not too much to worry about there.

Vic (the chick) has a screw loose and is doing the inaugral Speedo ice swim in Fraserberg. 600m, no wetsuit and the dam is 4'C. Real lunatic fringe, but lewis pugh seems to have made it a bit more mainstream. Expecting some real cheer from the locals, we will probably start braaing at 8am, just to keep warm.

Nicely on my way there, I've stopped in for two days at my old roomie's folks farm. Because it used to be a post office and rewatering station when people went to George by horse you can find Seekoegat on most maps south of beaufort west. Wonderful hospitality as always and such a lekker plek om te kom kuier.

Had plans of doing some plaas riding, but yesterday was miserable. Rained all day and we had three kudus to chop up anyway.

Snowed overnight on the swartberge and hit minus seven. So maybe round noon I'll go for some skaap chasing. Then its off to the metropolis of Fraserberg via the bustling city of Leeu-Gamka.
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