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Sunday, July 11, 2010

The ruff plan

After a few weeks of following people riding at different speeds from maritzburg to diemersfontein, I got the urge of the trail tugging at me. I'm doing mba this year, and even though they work us pretty hard, we get a bit of free time now and then. That time is now.

Finding myself in Knysna(more on that later) and needing to be in Fraserberg next weekend(more on that later) I figured some garden route and karoo tripping was in order.

I haven't got a full plan yet, but am seeking out local knowledge first. I threw everything together in about 20minutes but its a little scary how much technical gear I own now.

Being a student and unemployed(12months and counting!) I've toned down the bike arsenal-by adding another bike. I've mothballed the santa cruz for the year and built up a singlespeed, mostly from bits and pieces around. The frame is a Kona Colin Mcrae limited edition, and I kinda reposessed it from a london tube station(more on that later).

Needed to get rid of a drivetrain squeak,and since my time and expertise were running low I took it to my closest bike store. John O'Connor cycles in Mouille Point. Yes I know, a bike store on the golden mile! Got to be the fanciest location(next door to peperneros), but they got it all together chop chop and its now the shiniest bike I've ever had.

On the way I popped into the department of land surveys(see pics) its such a great place and has a cool little museum section of olde equipment. I have all the maps I need, but forestry sections change their roads. A lot!

Still got a few options to play with, but we're looking at 2days, and most likely wilderness to plett, all on back roads and through the rest with a map and a compass.I have my gps; but without maps or tracks on it, its more of a recording than a navigational device.

The weather is not looking very good for monday, so waterproofing is going to be a chief concern. Otherwise the main issue is getting logistics down, but with and a to a to b route I think I'm done.
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