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Monday, July 12, 2010

Late lunch

Of course I bit off more than was chewable. Took the 7passes route till woodville(what a name for a forestry station). Then hit bergplaas and got a R10 permit to hit their forests. Pointed the bike east and shot.

It was awesome.

Some nice overlaps with outeniqua trail(now on to do list) with amazing indigenous forest. Had to do a semi-legal hike a bike as one road was flooded,didn't fok around with the river crossing.

Popped out at a dorpie called Karatara,appears to be the previous regime's solution to the 'poor white problem'. Lunch is yummy fresh rolls,john west spicy packed tuna and double cheese doritos. Washed down with limited edition fanta kiwi apple and lemon. Champion meal.

Did 3passes before my dirtscursion, and only skipped on, so three more to go.

mailed on the move


onegiantride said...

Is that sunshine I see? Just keep pedalling and ignore all the lousy weather reports. How you finding the SS on all those passes? You gonna be back in time for the post FC Dinner pedal in Diemersfontein on Sunday?

Steve said...

Ss is cool for touring, not sure I'd want to race gearbikes with all the walking though!
Diemersfontein sunday ride with personal guide brett is the plan.