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As you can imagine, a 19day epic generates a fair amount of copy.

You can go right to the beginning of the whole ordeal, or the startline/day 1.

I'm looking at moving from a general ride report to a more up to date what's happening site. Yes, Freedom Challenge doesn't just finish in Paarl! When i get round to it, there'll be a PDF of the 19days reports.

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lunch 2

Sitting at diepwalle station, waiting on a cheeseburger and chips from the community restaurant. Awesome sunshine and looking out over the forests to the sea, contemplating the afternoon routes.

So far I've basically done the first half of the knysna mtb long route.two monster climbs that I walked.on race day I'd be done by now, but been stopping for lots of views and pics. And picking up energy sachets.;-( The backpack slows me down too.I asked very nicely if I could go around gouna, but quite glad they said no-it looked rather hectic to say the least chasing up the knysna river gorge.

I can either do the famous petrus se brand and then harkerville red route, followed by some guesswork to plett to avoid the N2. Or go north and along the R339 and pop out in the bitou valley.

Plan a has some lekker singletrack,but I've done it all before.mmm, there's my cheeseburger.time to munch and decide
mailed on the move

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