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As you can imagine, a 19day epic generates a fair amount of copy.

You can go right to the beginning of the whole ordeal, or the startline/day 1.

I'm looking at moving from a general ride report to a more up to date what's happening site. Yes, Freedom Challenge doesn't just finish in Paarl! When i get round to it, there'll be a PDF of the 19days reports.

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mini fail times two

So I went east.went through a rad valley, almost canadian with steep cliffs and pines the whole way.

But the R339 sucked with all the traffic.

So I tried an alternate route through uplands(off my maps now, so googling directions for guesswork).ended up being a dead end-the farmer at the end was cool, but said he'd prefer I didn't try go down the bitou river cliffs.

Back to tar. At least I can see home, and the beer at lookout
mailed on the move

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