2300km, but where to start?

As you can imagine, a 19day epic generates a fair amount of copy.

You can go right to the beginning of the whole ordeal, or the startline/day 1.

I'm looking at moving from a general ride report to a more up to date what's happening site. Yes, Freedom Challenge doesn't just finish in Paarl! When i get round to it, there'll be a PDF of the 19days reports.

Send some feedback (I'm aware that the whole layout is just, well kinda rubbish!)

Monday, August 11, 2008

blogga slogga

so you might have noticed the pictures are not coming through.

after many attmepts to clear out my cache, and sort out the gmail connection to, i found this on the blogger help site. . .

Hey folks,

As many of you have reported, there are a few issues with image upload
that we need to sort out. We're currently working on the problem and
hope to have it resolved soon.

Thanks for you patience,

The Blogger Team

. will keep the posts coming, don't go too far

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