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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Africa rail travel

Having five in the party there was always bound to be a mishap on the way. Chris managed to lose the keys to his bike shed,so we pushed back to the slightly later train.

Damon was stressing over his fancy new merida 96 getting thrown into the cargo carriage. The rest of the stuff waiting on the platform went from stoves, couches, fridges and a few makro bikes. But the vast majority was the pepstore packing bags. Proper africa and she's going home for christmas.

One way to laingsburg is hundred bucks, and twenty five for the fiets, so it's not surprising that the train arrives when we're supposed to leave. We've basically lost 80 minutes,and could end up riding into the night to rouxpos.

We have three route options, 38/ 55/ 70km, the further we go the better the view. Being first day, and only resupplying three days later in ceres, we all have fully loaded packs.

*Waiting for the train
*Our bikes in their own carriage

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Hayley said...

awesome guys, keep the updates coming! :) ride safe!!