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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

l*o*s*t and found

So I’m an electrical engineer, and love fooling around with technology and gadgets in general. I’ve worked on a project where the GPS system was quite crucial. It’s one of the more amazing systems ever put together, and it’s actually rather affordable. Quite how the rf design engineers managed to squeeze all the high frequency electronics into such a small package is something I can only marvel at. It was only a matter of time before they squished them into cellphones and it looks like garmin has done the same with their watches.

When you add GPRS to GPS you end up confusing most people. What you get is a system that tells people where you are (and have been), as long as you have cellphone reception. That’s the beauty of the Sportstrack system - it’s simple, yet highly effective.

Another great little locally made product, in case of emergency we can push a magic button and a distress signal will be sent with current location. Just make sure you run into trouble within cellphone reception! It can operate on a very weak signal, so you might not be able to phone or sms, but the gprs data can get through.

It’s definitely one of the ironies of the race. I’ve told people it’s the same as some bush ranger tracking a leopard with a collar. You carry a GPS that to all intents and purposes is useless to you, might as well be a brick. A clever brick.

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