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Thursday, July 3, 2008

So what’s in the knapsack?

Lets go from head to toe:

Diesel woollen knit beanie – for extreme cold/evenings
first Ascent skullcap – under the helmet to keep the heat in
first Ascent earwarmers – to keep the wings from freezing
Cape Storm Vantage jacket – when it’s insane cold
Cape Storm Reactor jacket – overkill maybe, but its warm and will be needed in evenings when not riding.
first Ascent Alp d’Huez jacket – light weight outer shell, with removable arms for the more sensible days
CapeStorm Puffader midlayer – maybe even taking too, it’s entropy fabric which is textile talk for warm but light. Might even be taking two.
CapeStorm riding shirts (I forget the names, one short sleeve, one sleeveless)
Anatomic arm warmers – the fleecy lined ones
Cotton knit glove inners
Some nameless motorcross full finger gloves
Cyclogel padded windproof gloves
Rapid Sports polyropylene base shirt – warm or cool when required.
first Ascent flashflood rainpants. – to keep the legs dry when its wet
first Ascent Endurance bibshorts (two for alternate days)
first Ascent leg warmers – with reflective strips for the ‘traffic’
first Ascent polartec tights
falke MTB socks
Diadora Jalapeno mtb shoes
Anatomic fleece lined shoe covers – because you gotta keep toes thawed out.

So you can see my upper body is pretty much covered by CapeStorm, and my legs by first Ascent. I think I’ll be okay, but if I get stuck outside then there’s two space blankets and a whole lot of jumping around.

I’ve squeezed a whole bunch of old t-shirts and socks into my 2l boxes for evenings, and there’s a pair of old style stokies for walking around too.

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Zaphod said...

With all of that in your knapsack, what were you wearing? Please post a photo.