2300km, but where to start?

As you can imagine, a 19day epic generates a fair amount of copy.

You can go right to the beginning of the whole ordeal, or the startline/day 1.

I'm looking at moving from a general ride report to a more up to date what's happening site. Yes, Freedom Challenge doesn't just finish in Paarl! When i get round to it, there'll be a PDF of the 19days reports.

Send some feedback (I'm aware that the whole layout is just, well kinda rubbish!)

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Premature! For who?

With Stevie Wonder finally having broken his silence treaty last night, it appears the boy has been riding hard. All be it with a 3 speed bike and painful achilles. Now that he has received the much needed parts to repair his trusty steed, he is planning on utilizing all 27 gears to double up on stages in an attempt to finish this mammoth challenge on Saturday.

Boegs is hoping to free wheel into Ashanti this Saturday afternoon, so rally up the troops and get there to welcome Buffoon number one home. Bring your own blanket thou...

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