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Sunday, July 11, 2010

On the road

A flippen early start, as the lift was leaving at 4. Meant I had to wait for first light at george mall for about 30minutes.

In the darkness managed to forget waterbottle. Didn't realise that the road to saasveld college has nothing on it, so no bp express for anything till hoekwil I guess.

Taking the 7passes route to knysna,if its tarred and siggnposted the whole way I'll have to find some detours.

First little valley brought me to shivereens at the bottom and reminded me I've done a half marathon on the other side. Oh well!

Here you can see my bike. So far so good.
mailed on the move

1 comment:

Jaco Strydom said...

Enjoy. If you ride a SS then maybe I will be able to keep up. Someday we will ride together again. See you Saturday